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Durban South Carpet Cleaners

Chem-Dry’s patented cleaning machinery and equipment combined with our natural yet highly effective range of carpet cleaning products ensures that our customers are always satisfied with the cleaning service we offer and the results we produce.

It is no coincidence that nationally, Chem-Dry has been consistently rated as one of the top carpet cleaning companies in the country. Professional, friendly service and advice is only a phone call away.

Chem-Dry Durban South services the Southern Coastal Kwa-Zulu Natal area with the finest carpet and upholstery cleaning facilities in Southern Africa. Call us today for expert professional advice on anything from carpet cleaning and spot removal to rug and drapery maintenance.

Don’t let your dirty carpets give you a headache. Chem-Dry Durban South has the best cleaning solution for all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.

Most people don’t realise how safe and effective Chem-Dry’s carpet and upholstery cleaning products actually are. It is naturally assumed that chemicals must be used to produce such amazing carpet cleaning results.

However the truth of it is that Chem-Dry’s cleaning proficiency is powered by nature,pure and simple. All the ingredients in our main carpet cleaning solution, The Natural ® occur inherently in nature and are completely harmless to the environment and your family. The secret of our magic carpet cleaning solution is a simple one – water and air.

A chemical reaction is production through the same process employed to put the fizz into your cold drinks. Water is combined with carbon dioxide and then applied to your carpets and upholstery under pressure. As the bubbles gently begin to infiltrate your carpet fibres the dirt and grime is dislodged and ready for easy removal.

We then engage our Hot Extraction System which removes the dislodged dirt and stains leaving your carpets spotlessly clean. Another advantage of our carpet cleaning technique is the minimal amount of water that is used.

Lower water usage of course results in faster drying time. Our faster drying time also reduces the risk of bacteria and mildew growth developing in your carpets and upholstery.

Further to this, the complete lack of any detergent use whatsoever ensures that no soapy residue is left in your carpets which can in fact actually attract dirt and contribute towards stains re-appearing more quickly. Chem-Dry Durban South is the natural choice of carpet cleaning professional in your area.

  • Professional Carpet Cleaning Services for residential properties, commercial and business premises, warehouses, schools and more…
  • Dust Mite Anti Allergen – suitable for use on carpets, bedding, furniture and mattresses. Renders dust mites harmless to people
  • Pet Odour Removal – for use in between professional carpet cleaning. Assists in removing pet urine stains and freshening up your home
  • Professional Water Extraction and Restoration Services – when disaster strikes call us at Chem-Dry to bring in our drying equipment and air movers
  • Chem-Dry Protectant – upholstery protection to help keep your furniture cleaner for longer
  • Chem-Dry Carpet Deodorizers – freshens and helps prevent re-soiling simultaneously